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Claire and Rabbi Joshua Hertzberg '51YC, '55R announce the birth of their great grandsons, Ahron Simcha to Tali and Yosef Friedman; and Aharon to Rabbi Meir and Gila Arnold. 


Francine (Mermelstein) ’'73S and Ezra Fleischmann announce the marriage of their daughter, Laya, to Shragi Rabinowitz.

Peshie ’73YUHS, ’77S and Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger '77YC, '79R announce the birth of their granddaughter, born to Chaya and Aryeh Westreich. Mazel tov to great-grandfather Rabbi Zevulun Charlop '47YUHS, '51YC, '54R, Dean Emeritus of RIETS and current Special Advisor to the President on Yeshiva Affairs.

Marc SchneierRabbi Marc Schneier '76YUHS, '80YC, '83A, '83R was honored for 25 years of leadership in Black-Jewish relations as President of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding at the Congressional Ceremony in Washington, DC commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Freedom Summer.


Rabbi Gary Beitler ’87S ’92R was the faculty honoree at the Yeshiva University High School Annual Dinner.  

Zvi Grumet Rabbi Zvi Grumet ’83R released his book, Moses and the Path to Leadership (Urim, 2014).  


Joseph Gitler 2014 



Joseph Gitler '92YUHS was awarded two prestigious honors: the Jerusalem Post named Joseph as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world and Nefesh B'Nefesh awarded him its inaugural Bonei Zion Prize. 



Dr. Debra (Marcus) '03S, '08F, '10F and Rabbi Michael Bashist '94YUHS, '99YC, '05R announce the birth of their son, Mordechai.  

Josefa '02SB and Ari Bunim announce the birth of their daughter, Magnolia Sally. 

Rabbi Mark Goldfeder '07YC published an op-ed on the CNN website titled "The Age of Robots Is Here" in June.

Sharona '00S, '02W and Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan were profiled in the Orthodox Union blog in "10 Years on the Job at UCLA, OU Torah Educator Rabbi Aryeh and Sharona Kaplan Reflect on Students Past, Present, and Future" in May. 

Devorah Miriam and Rabbi Nachum Rybak '06YC, '10R announce the birth of their son, Yaakov Dovid. Mazal tov to grandparents Shoshana and Rabbi Dr. Solomon Rybak '63YC, '66R, '80BR. 


Rabbi Dr. Armin Friedman '50YC, '52R, '71F