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Dr. Seymour Hoffman '52YUHS, '56YC, '58F edited Reader for the Orthodox Jewish Psychotherapist: Issues, Case Studies, and Contemporary Responsa (Golden Sky Books, 2014).


Aviva and Joe Offenbacher '76YUHS, '79YC announce the birth of their grandson, Michael Baruch Tzvi, born to Esther and Rafi Offenbacher. Mazal Tov to great-grandparents Judith '57YUHS, '61S and Rabbi Irwin Borvick '53YUHS, '57YC, '60BR, '60R and Esther and Elmer Offenbacher.

Esther (Gleicher) '75YUHS and Rabbi Mark Weiner '76YC, '79F, '80R announce the engagement of their son, Aryeh, to Rivkah Leah Kunin. Rabbi Weiner has also retired from U.S. Army Reserve chaplaincy as a lieutenant colonel.


Natanya '86S and Rabbi Daniel Mann '86YC, '89R announce the birth of their grandson, Avraham Tropp.

Rabbi Francis Nataf '87BR, '88R spoke at Congregation Ramath Orah in June on "No Man is for All Seasons – The Real Reason Moshe Couldn't Cross the Jordan."

Dr. Esther '86S, '95F and Rabbi Meir Orlian '83YUHS, '87YC, '90R, '93BR announce the birth of their granddaughter, Tzophia, born to Sara and Avrahami Rosenberg of Bet-El. Mazel tov to great-grandparents Associate Dean of Stern College for Women, Ethel (Chaya) Orlian ’57 YUHSG, ’61S and Rabbi Dr. J. Mitchell Orlian ’51YUHS, ’55YC, ’57F, ’73BR and Dr. Riki and Dr. Mordecai Koenigsberg '59YC, '63A.

Diane RomirowskyDiane Romirowsky '81W is major gifts director for the Northeast region for American Associates of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, serving greater New York and New England.   

Raphael SchwartzDeborah '84S, '86W and Rabbi Raphael Schwartz '83BR, '83R celebrated the marriage of their son, Maurice, to Dina Honick.  





Aaron Goldscheider 2

Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider '94R published a haggadah, The Night That Unites Passover Haggadah: Teaching, Stories, Questions from Rabbi Kook, Rabbi Soloveichik, and Rabbi Carlebach (Urim Publications, 2014). 

Kenny SchiowitzRabbi Kenny Schiowitz '96SB, '99R, '01A published his new educational guides for Talmud instructors called Madrikh La-Moreh (OU Press, 2014), currently available for Tractates Berakhot, Sanhedrin, and Sukkah.  


Sherry and Rabbi Moshe Winograd '08YC, '11R announce the birth of their son, Akiva Shlomo.


Yaira Dubin Yaira Dubin '10S was hired to be a 2015 Supreme Court clerk for Justice Elana Kagan.




Shoshana '10S, '12A and Rabbi Avraham Engelson '07SB announce the birth of their son, Yehuda Aryeh. Mazel tov to grandparents, Brenda and Rabbi Darren Blackstein '78R, '83YC.

Shifra and Tzvi Pfeffer '11SB announce the birth of their son, Avraham Yisrael Gedalia. Mazel tov to grandparents Rivkie and Rabbi Moshe Rosenbaum and great grandparents Judy '58YUHS, '62S and Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum '60YC, '62R, '63BR.


Dr. Sam Hartstein '43YC