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YUConnects July 2013 eNewsletter

YUConnects conducts educational studies and develops programs that foster healthy meeting opportunities and relationships toward marriage. With 126 engagements, 2300 members and 90 connectors worldwide, YUConnects arranges hundreds of dates each week as it expands horizons for the Orthodox singles population.


Why YUConnects is making its mark

Educational lectures:
“Calm and Clarity in Dating”
was an informative springtime panel initiated by student leaders on Beren Campus, co-sponsored with YU’s Counseling Center and addressed a variety of topics from dating readiness to effective listening techniques. This followed a similar “Leil Iyun” that was presented to the men a few months prior. “Nowhere but Here” can students benefit from renowned experts offering guidance in critical social skills and practical dating advice. Listen HERE to the Beren Campus panel discussion. 

Cutting Edge Research Studies:
YUConnects has ongoing surveys and research that parlay into insightful data used to change the relationship-building scene. The current “Match Success” Survey gives feedback on best techniques for offering compatible suggestions. Our current “Member Satisfaction” research will affect website enhancements and allow stronger bonds with YUConnectors.

Sizzling Summer Events
Summer events are always popular and this season’s full roster has some outstanding programs. June activities, especially, had hundreds in attendance with many dates stemming from these YUConnects’ get-togethers.

Rabbi Elie Mischel spoke about “Healthy Temptations” in our popular “Shiur and Sushi” series in the Heights on June 5th. On June 6th, the Upper West Side was rocking with a “Night of Laughs” Comedy Event in conjunction with the OU and June 8th had 95 eligible singles attend Dine ‘N Meet in Woodmere where the community graciously sponsored activities and a beautiful shalosh seudot.

A smaller event on June 11th was a comfortable catered dinner at the home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Goldwicht for men in YU’s semicha program and women involved in diverse careers, who make Torah values and community a central part of their lives. Then, on July 1st, American Friends of Yeshivot Bnei Akiva underwrote a table at their annual dinner for YUConnects members, supplying yet another meeting opportunity for young professional men and women.

To learn more on organizing an event for your community or to sponsor for the merit of a loved one, please email Marjorie Glatt,

Trending Online

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Don't Delay Before It's Too Late
If you or a loved one is in the dating scene, genetic testing is crucial. Please make sure that proper screening, testing and counseling is done.
Click here to learn more about YU Program for Jewish Genetic Health


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Upcoming Events

Next Event:
Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky will be speaking on Tuesday, July 30th as part of "Shiur and Sushi" series: Putting the "I" into "Religion".
This series always gets an
interested and energized crowd.
No fee and open to
singles ages 25 -35.

Save the Date:
September 10th at Lincoln Square Synagogue. A special Charlie Harary Lecture in collaboration with Emunah. Details to be posted soon!

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Educational Publications
YUConnects To-Go Part II
Download fascinating articles
on dating and relationships
YUConnects To-Go Part I and II

3 ways you can help make matches now!

Our program relies upon generous communal support to continue our activities. Please donate today in the memory of a loved one, to celebrate a simcha or in the merit of someone finding their match. Thank you for your help!

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YUConnects is open to YU Students, alumni and the entire community.
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 YUConnects Staff
Tova Klapper, Administrator
Mindy Eisenman, Staff Connector
Marjorie Glatt, Special Projects Coordinator
Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky, Director

 YUConnects Advisory Council Members
Dr. Daniel and Michelle Berman, Sharon Blumenthal, Michael Feldstein, Dov and Dr. Naomi Greenblatt, Sharon Haberman,
Charlie Harary, Dr. Tova Koenigsberg, Cheryl Nagel, Henry Orlinsky, Dr. David Pelcovitz

This newsletter is sponsored by the Wiesen Family
in memory of Yaakov Rieder z"l.

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