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YUConnects September 2014 eNewsletter

YUConnects is at the forefront of offering today's generation more opportunities than ever through combining the best in technological advances with a warm personal touch. With nearly 3000 members and over 90 trained Connectors, YUConnects is also able to conduct academic research and use its educational forums and interactive social events as premier relationship tools for so many in the Orthodox world.

YUConnects just celebrated its 172nd engagement and arranges hundreds of dates each week!

As you give tzedakah before Rosh Hashana, don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a partner in this beautiful and essential mitzvah.

Donate today to remember your loved ones, in the merit of someone finding a match, for a speedy recovery, to celebrate a simcha, or simply to honor a special person. Click here to give now.

upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 17
Shiur with Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter
One week before Rosh Hashana, come and learn if teshuva IS possible. YUConnects presents a fascinating lecture by Rabbi Dr. J.J. Schacter, "Can Human Beings Change? Moshe Rabbeinu and the Capacity for Teshuva" at the Shenk Shul, 560 West 185th St. in Washington Heights, on Wednesday, September 17 at 8:15 p.m. With interactive discussions, light refreshments and an opportunity to mingle, this is a chance to connect with others interested in attending a quality shiur before the Yomim Tovim. Sponsored by Esther and Jerry Friedman for a refuah shelaima for Rav Moshe Tzvi ben Freida Simcha.
No fee or pre-registration is necessary. Feel free to email or call
Margie Glatt at 516-603-8141 with any questions.

Save the Date! Charlie Harary is speaking at Shenk Shul on Wednesday night, October 29th! Add it to your calendar today!

mazel tov

Engagements of the Month
172 Engagements & Counting...
  • Arielle Friedman and Josh Kukin
    Match made by Mindy Eisenman
  • Sarah Heller and Matt Alpert
    Match made by Jackie Mandel
  • Aliza Steinberg and Yaakov Grossman
    Match made by Jonathan Soliamanzadeh
  • Chana Weil and Dov Rossman
    Match made by Naomi Landsman

trending online

  • What did Daniella do on her first date that made her special? Read all about “How Dani met Tani” in the Jewish Week and see a very happy couple! 
  • The matchmaker with the magic touch! Our very own Tova Weinberg is featured in The New York Times


Did you know that YUConnects has many resources for newly engaged couples? And recently, in celebration of their Simcha, the families of one couple sponsored complimentary 2 months membership to YUConnects during their childrens’ sheva brachot week. Record sign-ups resulted! What a beautiful way to “pay it forward!

Wedding Checklist for the Wedding Day 
Beautiful Tefilla Cards for use at the Chuppah Ceremony 
Lists of Kallah and Chosson Teachers within your community. Call our office for recommendations. 
Tribute Cards to give in celebration of the big day
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YUConnects Consults with Communities! Speakers, matchmakers and event organizers offer pro-active tips tailored for local areas. For more information, click here.

Our members can schedule a personal meeting with our full-time Staff Connector, Mrs. Mindy Eisenman, so that she can get to know them better, review their online profile and make better targeted match suggestions. An appointment is necessary and a small fee is charged. Call our office today 212-960-5400 X 6163 to find out more and schedule an appointment

Our program relies upon
generous communal support
to continue our activities.
Please donate today in the
memory of a loved one, to
celebrate a simcha or in the
merit of someone finding their match.
Thank you for your help!

Sign up today for the YUConnects on-line matchmaking site.
YUConnects is open to YU Students, alumni and the entire community.


 YUConnects Staff
Tova Klapper, Administrator
Mindy Eisenman, Staff Connector
Marjorie Glatt, Special Projects Coordinator
Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky, Director

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